Sun Brilliance has a strong history in Australia and has now established in India. Sun Brilliance provides Commercial and Residential Solar Power Systems, Solar Water Heaters, LEDs, Solar Powered Bio-Toilets and a range of Energy Storage Solutions



Why buy expensive power when you can make use of free energy from the Sun?

News & Media

Sun Brilliance signed MOU for 100 MW Solar Project in India.

SB Group to prepare DPRs for 10 MW and 100 MW Projects in Telangana

SB Group signs 76.5 kW Rooftop Project in Chennai

SB Group signs 10 MW Project in Chennai

Daya Solar Powered Bio-Toilets for Rural India

100% Depreciation on $20,000 purchase.

Sun Brilliance plans 25 MW Solar Power Plant in Perth for a project cost of $42 Million

Solar Power Systems

  • Save up to 90% on Power Bills
  • Up to 50% STCs Rebate in Australia
  • Feed Surplus Power to Grid and Earn
  • Tax Savings through Accelerated Depreciation for Business
  • Payback Period as low as 2.5 years for Business, 4 years for Residential
  • FREE Solar Power after you pay off your System

Store surplus power with our battery solutions for guaranteed, uninterruptible 24/7 power.

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Media Release for 25 MW Solar Plant

Water Heaters & LEDs

Solar Water Heaters save a huge amount of electricity or gas for the residential and commercial water heating. Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heaters are more efficient and easy to install. The LEDs are a better way to bring to life as they make a big leap over conventional bulbs and fluorescent tube lights. The LEDs have long life of up to 10,000 hours and are energy efficient as they save up to 80% of power.

Sun Brilliance India

In June Sun Brilliance Group opened its subsidiary Company “Sun Brilliance Energy (India) Pvt Ltd” to serve India’s rapidly growing solar power market. We’ve assembled a group of professionals with Solar Energy, Electrical, Chemical Engineering, Physics and Business backgrounds. The Team is experienced and internationally-recognised, who have extensive experience and extraordinary knowledge of the Solar/Renewable Energy sector.

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