Sun Brilliance Group is well known Solar Energy Group of Companies based in Australia

The core senior professional team are astute business people interested in good governance, ethical con-duct and financial success. With a diversity of experience across markets and industry sectors, they have a highly knowledgeable, well-connected team abreast of the latest clean technology and the best business solutions to deliver to the energy market.



To be one of the world’s largest solar power producers and leading supplier of quality clean-tech products.


We deliver effective, efficient, reliable power solutions to customers harnessing solar power by deploying quality environmentally friendly and sustainable products and operate an ethical and sustainable business yielding a good return to investors.


The Group consists of the following Companies:

♦  Sun Brilliance Power Pty Ltd

♦  Sun Brilliance Solar One Pty Ltd

♦  Sun Brilliance Energy (India) Pvt Ltd

♦  Daya Bio Solar Pty Ltd