Sun Brilliance Group is well known Solar Energy Projects Developer and System Integrator Group based in Perth, Western Australia. Sun Brilliance Power Pty Ltd has a subsidiary Company in India and a Joint Venture Company in USA. Sun Brilliance Group of Companies are also supplying and integrating 100 kW to 5 MW Commercial Rooftop Solar Power Systems. The Group deals in Tier 1 Solar Panels and Inverters as well as currently negotiating to source long-life reliable Lithium Batteries from leading manufacturers. As we buy in large volumes, we can offer very competitive prices for our customers. Sun Brilliance as well as our installation team is accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia.

Sun Brilliance Power Pty Ltd is led by Solar Power industry pioneer, Dr Dilawar Singh (Chairman and CEO) together with business partners Prof Ray Wills, internationally recognised as one of the Top 100 Global Leaders in Sustainability, and Kalwant Dhillon, an experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with an MBA degree from the University of Western Australia and a Fellow member of CPA Australia.The core senior professional team are astute business people interested in good governance, ethical con-duct and financial success. With a diversity of experience across markets and industry sectors, they have a highly knowledgeable, well-connected team abreast of the latest clean technology and the best business solutions to deliver to the energy market.



To be one of the world’s largest solar power producers and leading supplier of quality clean-tech products.


We deliver effective, efficient, reliable power solutions to customers harnessing solar power by deploying quality environmentally friendly and sustainable products and operate an ethical and sustainable business yielding a good return to investors.


The Group consists of the following Companies:

Sun Brilliance Power Pty Ltd

Sun Brilliance Solar One Pty Ltd

Sun Brilliance Solar One Pty Ltd

Sun Brilliance Energy (India) Pvt Ltd

Sun Brilliance Surya Energy LLC, USA

Daya Bio Solar Pty Ltd