Battery Storage Solutions


Sun Brilliance offer Total Power Storage Solutions by providing Maintenance Free Salt-Water, Lithium or GEL Batteries.

Solar battery backup systems are becoming a popular way to save on electricity bills and gain more energy independence.

A battery backup system allows you to store energy while the sun is shining and use that energy at night.

Traditionally, renewable energy systems that include a storage component have typically used lead acid batteries, known for their environmental toxicity and relatively short lifespan of approximately one year under partial state of charge cycling conditions (maximum 50%), which is a common cycling profile in solar-based systems. New batteries offer a clean, sustainable, and long-lasting alternative that do not degrade from partial state of charge cycling. The batteries deliver robust performance across a wide temperature operating range, require almost no maintenance, and are easy to scope, site and install.

New energy storage option can help customers maximize self-consumption of PV power, and is an attractive option for both grid and off-grid application.



For Large-size solar power systems, Sun Brilliance also provides Vanadium Redox Batteries storage solutions.