Sun Brilliance Group is a well-known Solar Energy Group of Companies based in Australia

The core senior professional team are astute business people interested in good governance, ethical con-duct and financial success. With a diversity of experience across markets and industry sectors, they have a highly knowledgeable, well-connected team abreast of the latest clean technology and the best business solutions to deliver to the energy market.


To be one of the world’s largest solar power producers and leading supplier of quality clean-tech products.


We deliver effective, efficient, reliable power solutions to customers harnessing solar power by deploying quality environmentally friendly and sustainable products and operate an ethical and sustainable business yielding a good return to investors.

The Group consists of the following Companies:

♦  Sun Brilliance Pty Ltd

♦  Sun Brilliance Power Pty Ltd

♦  Prime Solar Pty Ltd

♦  Sun Brilliance Energy (India) Pvt Ltd

Board of Directors and Senior Management Team

The people behind the Group’s success are:

Dr Dilawar Singh

Chairman & CEO

Mr. Kalwant Singh

Executive Director & CFO

Prof. Ray Wills

Executive Director & CEAO

Dr Dilawar Singh

Dr Singh is a solar pioneer, completing a PhD in solar energy 1984, receiving UNESCO’s Young Scientist Award in 1988, and now with more than 3 decades of professional, technical and business experience in the field of sustainable energy industry including energy efficiency, solar photovoltaics and solar thermal, wind, and mini and micro hydro power. Dr Singh has completed many commercial renewable energy projects in Australia, and also in developing countries, including projects for UNDP, UNECAP, UNIDO and UNESCO.

Mr Kalwant Dhillon

Mr Dhillon is a Partner and CFO of Sun Brilliance, and has 35 years in finance, accounting and business in various locations in South East Asia including Australia and across diverse sectors. Mr Dhillon has worked with large businesses including Ernst & Young, Sun Alliance Group and the Varco Group, as well as Western Australian Government operations, and the Australian Investments and Securities Commission.

Prof. Ray Wills

Professor Wills is a well-known and respected commentator in  Australia, and recognised internationally as one of the Top 100 Global Leaders in Sustainability. Prof Wills brings experience across all sectors including the built environment, cleantech, energy infrastructure, industrials, manufacturing, resources, transport, and water. Prof Wills joins as a Partner and will lead business innovation and external affairs for Sun Brilliance Group.
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