Solar Power for Homes

By installing a Solar Power System on your roof, you can save up to 90% of your Power Bills.


  • Huge Savings on Power Bills – Save up to 90% 
  • Up to 50% STCs (Small Technology Certificates) Rebate on the System Cost
  • Feed Surplus Power to Grid at 7.135 cents/kWh and Earn
  • Payback Period is as low as 4 years
  • FREE Power after you pay off your System


Sun Brilliance Offers:


¨ Up to 30 Years Warranty on solar panels
¨ Most efficient Inverters with Dual MPPT and Wi-Fi
¨ Choice of Systems – Germany, Italy, Korea & China
¨ System Monitoring on your PC or iPhone
¨ Quick installation after Western Power approval
¨ Finance and Leasing options


How a Residential Solar Power system Works?

When the sun shines onto the solar panels on your roof, they produce Direct Current (DC) electricity. This DC electricity is transmit-ted from the solar panels (modules) to an inverter which converts the DC electricity to Alternating Current (AC). The AC electricity is then transmitted to your home’s distribution system to supply electricity.

A very basic explanation of a photovoltaic solar power system is a combination of solar panels wired in a series or parallel to form an array and an Inverter to convert DC power into AC Power ((see photo below). The solar cells capture energy from the sunlight and convert it to electricity.