Heat Pump Water Heaters

With heat pump technology you can harvest the FREE energy in the air to heat your water and reduce water heating energy consumption by up to 65%*, whilst providing steaming hot water all day and night.

Heat pumps utilise an ingenious technology to efficiently transfer thermal energy directly from the surrounding air and into water, so they do not rely on the direct sun or fossil fuels to provide a constant energy source.

An energy efficient hot water system such as a heat pump is a great way for households to reduce their energy consumption and cost of living. They are ideal for the replacement of old electric water heaters, where residential gas reticulation is not available and when roof-mounted solar collectors are not feasible.

Heat Pump Water Heaters are available in two sizes of 170 Litres, which is suitable for a family of two or three and 280 Litres, which is suitable for a family of four or more.

  • Ideal for new homes or for replacement of old electric storage water heaters
  • Environmentally-friendly operation, using up to 65% less energy than conventional electric water heaters
  • Extracts the free heat energy from the air to reduce power consumption


How a Heat Pump Works:

A fan draws in air, containing heat energy, across the evaporator
The evaporator turns the liquid refrigerant into a gas
The compressor converts refrigerant into high temp / high pressure gas
The hot gas inside the condenser coil heats the water inside the tank
The refrigerant reverts back to a liquid after heating the water & continues back to the evaporator for the process to start again


Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters are highly efficient and environmentally-friendly water heaters that can provide up to 90% of your water heating needs. They will slash your consumption of greenhouse gas-producing fossil fuels and therefore your water heating bills.

Chromagen solar water heaters have over 50 years of history and are renowned world-wide for their quality and durability. Our wide range of solar water heaters features common ground mounted systems and traditional roof mounted systems, with options in tank size, thermal collectors & supplementary boosting.

Roof mounted solar water heaters, also known as thermosiphon systems, are a traditional close-coupled combination of roof mounted solar collectors and a storage tank, which are ideal when ground space is limited and for newer homes with strong roofs to support the tank.

Chromagen’sRoofLine systems are highly efficient water heaters that do not require a circulation pump, as natural convection from the thermosiphon effect circulates the water around the system to collect the sun’s heat.

They are hybrid water heaters with the option of back-up electric power, or back up gas energy via the advanced 6 Star Eternity continuous flow gas water heater. RoofLine systems have the option of 200 and 300 litre tanks plus the choice of closed loop tanks for frost-prone areas or ‘hard’ water conditions. Our tanks and collectors are manufactured to ISO 9001 international quality standards and are built tough to handle Australia’s harsh conditions.


Ground Mounted Solar Water HeatersSPLIT SYSTEMS”

Ground mounted solar water heaters, also known as “split systems”, consist of a separated configuration of a ground mounted tank and roof mounted thermal collectors.

These systems are designed to provide installation flexibility, to reduce the load on your roof structure and to provide a streamlined roof top appearance. Ground-mounted systems are available with open-loop tanks for general applications and closed-loop configurations suitable for frost-prone areas or ‘hard’ water conditions.

Our range of ground mounted (split) systems features typical options in tank size and gas or electric boost. Hard water areas and cold climate zones are handled with our closed loop variants and systems with evacuated tube collectors. Our tanks and collectors are manufactured to ISO 9001 international quality standards and are built tough to handle Australia’s harsh conditions.


Swimming Pool Heat Pump Water Heater

Revel in the comfort of perfect water temperature and enjoy low running costs with an efficient Midea heat pump pool water heater.

This environmentally-friendly pool heater uses renewable energy technology to harvest the plentiful FREE heat energy from the air, to heat and maintain the desired temperature in your pool. Midea heat pump pool heaters are ideal for use with most common-sized residential pools and will extend your swimming season, so you get much more from your lifestyle investment.


Swimming pool heat pumps utilise an ingenious technology to extract the heat energy from the surrounding air for use in heating your pool water. This reverse-cycle air conditioning technology significantly lowers the consumption of fossil fuel-generated electricity making it an environmentally-friendly alternative to direct electric or gas water heating.

An energy efficient pool heater such as a heat pump is an affordable way for pool owners to make substantial reductions in their energy consumption and minimise the impact of rising power prices.

The Swimming Pool Heat Pump Water Heaters are available in 14 kW and 28 kW (2×14 kW) sizes.

The Midea heat pump works effectively even at low ambient temperatures such as –

  • Heating Mode Working Range: -7°C~38°C
  • Cooling Mode Working Range: 15°C~43°C

Long service life:

Titanium heat exchanger with Hydrophilic fin coil coating: | Provides high corrosion-resistance against aggressive pool water

Temperature management & convenience:

Advanced user interface: With a Midea Heat Pump, set up and operation monitoring is made simple thanks to an amazing, user-friendly interface with clear Liquid Crystal Display Features include temperature and time setting, pool pump indication and fault alarm plus backlighting for easier reading.


Automatic defrosting function: Allows system to warm up prior to normal operation to de-ice and therefore protect vital components whilst also ensuring highest operational efficiency


The benefits of a swimming pool heat pump:

Extends your swimming season by maintaining a comfortable temperature

Heat pumps produce more heat energy than the power input making them highly efficient

Environmentally friendly, as less fossil fuel-generated power is consumed

Contemporary, aesthetically-pleasing design

Compact footprint ensures installation flexibility

Operates in any weather or at any time of day

Inbuilt switch, only operates when pump is on

 How the swimming pool heat pump works:

Heat pumps are designed to transfer heat from one medium to another using only a small amount of power.


Rebate & Incentives

Switching to a renewable energy technology water heater is the smart way to secure a sustainable future for your family or business, and to minimise the impact of ever-increasing electricity costs.

The Australian Federal & State Governments are committed to a cleaner and greener future and they are supporting your efforts to ‘go solar’ with the Renewable Energy Target scheme.

The Federal Government RET scheme is made up of the Small-scale Renewable Energy Target (SRET) and the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET), and is designed to create an incentive for businesses and consumers to invest in renewable energy sources.

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Under the Federal Government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Targets Scheme owners of renewable energy installations, who meet the Governments eligibility requirements, can create Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). Large energy retailers are required to create and/or source STCs as a part of their legal responsibility and commitment to Australia’s renewable energy future.

STCs can be created after the installation of registered domestic small scale solar hot water and heat pump hot water systems, and relate to most common residential and business applications. The highly energy efficient range of Chromagen solar hot water and heat pump systems do qualify to generate STCs under the Federal Government STCs program.

Owners of STCs are entitled to receive a benefit when they create or choose to assign the creation of their STCS to a third party. Australian consumers, who become owners of solar hot water and heat pump hot water installations, can therefore obtain a reduction in the upfront cost of their system, making the switch to Chromagen water heaters even more affordable.
Sun Brilliance Group offer upfront discount to its customer equivalent to the prevailing STC Trading Price, when you buy the Water Heating Systems either Heat Pump or Solar Water Heater.